This is the content of our toolbox. As you can see, there are a lot of opensource softwares and we are very happy if you decide to use and to share them with your colleagues and friends.

  • Apache: web server
  • Audacity: audio editing
  • CentOS: Linux distribution for servers
  • CIVIcrm: Customer relationship management system
  • Gimp: image manipulation and editing of pictures
  • Inkscape: vectorial graphics
  • Joomla: CMS for developing complete websites
  • Kdenlive: video editing
  • Libre Office: complete office automation suite with a visual database management software, a wordprocessor, a spreadsheet, a flowchart and graphic editor, a software for producing presentations and a formula editor.
  • Linux: our beloved operative system
  • Limesurvey: online questionnaire management system
  • Moodle: our favourite learning platform
  • MySQL, MariaDB: database management
  • OBS: Video broadcasting and recording
  • OpenDocMan: document workflow management system
  • PHP: scripting language for web app
  • Putty: when we are using another operative system, we are faraway of our linux boxes and we miss them, this is the tool we use to keep in contact. In other words is a SSH client for WindowsTM
  • R: software environment for statistical computing and graphic
  • RealVNC: remote desktop client and server
  • Scribus: desktop publishing
  • Tomcat: a Java servlet container
  • TCPDF: open source php class for creating pdf documents 
  • Ubuntu: Linux distribution for desktop computers
  • Wordpress: CMS for blogs and webistes


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