Digital Technologies

Relationships and persons first, is our philosophy. Any intervention we plan with our clients is conceived to reduce the impact of time consuming activities on workflows, and to respect the comfort of the involved staff.

We design complete solutions taking care of all the phases: collection of needs, analysis, design, development or adaptation of standard solutions, testing, training of staff, follow up, evaluation and assistance.

We may provide solutions like:

  • Migration of small-medium enterprises and institution to open source software for office automation
  • Data management for schools, small companies, universities, vocational training institutions, social and health care organisations, charities and volunteering associations.
  • Training on office automation at base and advanced level
  • Tutorials for enterprise and retail customers on use and maintenance of goods.
  • Training of teachers about e-learning and interactive tools
  • Document flow management
  • Online platforms for project management
  • Websites
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Learning management system


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